SMART for Horses

Stallion & Mare Assisted Reproduction, PC

33175 Temecula Pkwy, A438
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          Assisting in the miracle of life's creation 

                    and watching its delivery 

is not only our business but what excites and fascinates us.




SMART Breeding AreaStallion & Mare Assisted Reproduction, PC in Temecula,  CA  is an equine veterinary practice with a focus on equine reproduction and the use of assisted reproductive techniques to maximize the reproductive potential of horses in Southern California, the Southwestern United States, in national, and international breeding communities. Computer Assisted Semen Analysis CASA, Semen Freezing (Cryo-preservation), Video Endoscopic Insemination, Embryo Transfers, Embryo Freezing (Cryo-preservation) and Embryo Vitrification, are a few of the assisted techniques available to help our patients achieve their reproductive potential. 



Our stallion management programs include fertility evaluations, routine breeding services, cooled semen programs, frozen semen programs which involve collection, preparation, storage of semen, and its distribution both domestically and internationally. 


We  also offer complete mare management including foaling services, fertility evaluations breeding cycle management, sub-fertile mare management, and pregnancy management for routine and high risk mares.



Our facilities are located in the beautiful Temecula valley of southern California. We travel throughout southern California and surrounding states stallion reproductive services including semen freezing (Cryo-preservation) management and mare assisted reproductive techniques. SMART For Horses has become a world leader in the area of equine reproduction. Combined with routine natural service and artificial insemination programs the equine industry is well served.